New York Prime Timers membership

New York Prime Timers is always looking for new members to join us in all the fun things we do.


Your annual membership supports the work of New York Prime Timers. Become a member by completing the 2022 member application and contributing your annual dues. The revenues we collect at the door for our monthly events at the Center and at the hotels never entirely cover the cost of the rentals.


Members receive the following benefits:

  • Members receive a monthly electronic newsletter, telephone call, or mailing announcing all New York Prime Timers events;

  • Members are invited to New York Prime Timers clothing-optional parties;

  • Members can receive and participate in the New York Prime Timers Friendship Roster;

  • Members receive discounts to New York Prime Timers events;

  • Members can post announcements in our newsletter and on our website.


Help support New York Prime Timers by becoming a 2022 member for only $30. Is there a discount? Yes, if you opt for all-electronic communications (no telephone calls or postal mailings), you can become a 2022 member for only $20, payable at your first New York Prime Timers event of 2022. Please note that we are a cash-only community.

Here are three ways you can join New York Prime Timers:

Let's Meet In Person

Ask a club officer for a member application at any New York Prime Timers event.


At present, New York Prime Timers has no interactive way to complete or submit a membership application online.

Please download and print a member application by clicking on the icon below, or contact us at to request an application by email or postal mail.


Mail your completed application to:

New York Prime Timers

P.O. Box 20418

New York, NY 10001-9998