New York Prime Timers membership

New York Prime Timers is always looking for new members to join us in all the fun things we do. Our community is a friendly and nurturing environment for older gay and bisexual men who embrace their sexuality. Age and maturity are respected in our community. At every New York Prime Timers event, we celebrate all the experience and knowledge that our age entails [but we still have as much fun as men half our ages!].

Your annual membership supports the work of New York Prime Timers. Become a member by completing the 2020 member application and contributing your annual dues. Why do we ask for dues? The revenues we collect at the door for our monthly events at the Center and at the hotel never entirely cover the cost of the rentals. To pay the bills, we need to draw from our reservoir, which is the dues.

Members receive a monthly newsletter announcing our activities, benefit from discounts to our social events and parties, meet other members through our Friendship Roster, and post announcements in our newsletters and website.

Become a 2020 member of New York Prime Timers for only $30. Is there a discount? Yes, if you opt for all-electronic communications (no telephone calls or postal mailings), you can become a 2020 member for only $20, payable at your first New York Prime Timers event of 2020. Please note that we are a cash-only community.

Here are three ways you can join New York Prime Timers:

Let's Meet In Person

Ask a club officer for a member application at any

New York Prime Timers event.

Our member Application

Right now, there is no way to fill out a membership form online, but you can download and print a copy (click the icon below) or request a copy of our current application at


Mail your completed application to:

New York Prime Timers

P.O. Box 20418

New York, NY 10001-9998

New York Prime Timers
P.O. Box 20418

New York, NY 10001-9998